The Experimental Group was founded by Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cros and Romée De Goriainoff, three childhood friends with a taste for innovation. Passionate fans of the craft cocktail culture that was growing in New-York and London, and confident that Paris could rediscover its own lost heritage of mixed drinks, they opened the Experimental Cocktail Club in 2007 on a small side street in Paris and changed the face of the city. Expanding the team in 2010, Xavier Padovani came on board as the group’s fourth partner, adding to the group’s shared vision: to offer a contemporary hospitality experience to an exacting clientele the world over. Small producers and seasonal sourcing reigns, whether in food, spirits or wines. And discovery is key, both for our guests and our ever-growing team of bartenders, sommeliers, chefs, concierges and support staff.  

Still celebrated for bringing the cocktail bar culture to Paris, the group’s offerings now encompass their signature speakeasies, wine bars, restaurants and hotels in Paris, New-York, London, Ibiza, Menorca, Venice and Verbier.